For the process of creating the generative Art I had to look into different methods of creation. One program I've started looking at is called Processing. This involves code writing, which is great for generative art as it creates an object/animation which responds to a set of rules given to it.

An example of what can be done in this program is seen below

Here are a few other links that are useful for tutorials etc.


For the first week we were asked to create a piece of Generative Art for a postcard.. I wanted to create something along the lines of my folie so I continued to use it as my concept for this piece. What that meant was that I had to define a set of rules which would guide me through the process of generative creation.
 Above is an outline of the rules I created which will guide me through the process of creating this design.


Folie Design

Temporal Transience

Project 01 - Folie Design Proposal

Below is a set of links showing our design folie in its completion, progress drawings will be uploaded at a later date as they still need to be digitised.
Final Panel

From Storey Bridge
River View
Urban Recognition
Icon and Identity