From here I really want to look at how I can incorporate the integration of the other senses into overall building to enhance the user experience and to create new memories as heightening the old ones.

One Technology i want to look into is the use of sound.

Tom Hall does this well in his video on the Storey Bridge which all the sound is sampled from the Bridge itself.

He manages to create an ethereal feel completely via the use of sound and simple video, there may be potential here to create a facade which creates a similar sound without taking away from the overall feel of the building.

The other direction I still need to explore is the use of light as it was so prominent in our original folie idea. This video of the valobar tracks an object once it touches, to create something like this which tracks a user though a space and gradually fades over time would be an excellent example of memories being created and fading within the space .

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