What this led to next was looking at how these memories talked about in the previous assignment can be incorporated into a much larger area. The location chosen as there is much more importance based on the amount of memories present in the area. The new site location is pictured below.

To fully understand this change it was needed to be seen graphically via the use of mapping techniques, I started to overlay different areas to the site which would evoke different memories.

What I noticed is that at nearly all points there were memories influencing peoples decisions and movement throughout the space. What I then wanted to achieve was to understand how the users of the site would be affected and what are the possible paths that they would take. This is the result.

One of the main things our found with this exercise is that there seems to be kinds of memories within the site,
-Constant Memories
-Intimate Memories
Constant memories seem to pull people gradually as they would always be in the back of the inhabitants mind, for example the flooding of the river, and the story bridge. 
Intimate Memories on the other hand would pull a user more dramatically as due to their size they are not recognized until the user is within a certain range. The bunkers are a great example of these.

At this point though I started to become stuck for the next way to develop this idea, an attempt was made to create a 3-dimensional object to gain a better understanding.

This attempt was pretty much a failure... One thing I did get out of it though is that the memories of certain areas will pull in 3-dimensional as well as time therefore it may be used in form-finding at a later date.

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